The creative choices provided by vinyl sticker printing technology allows anyone wanting to purchase professionally made stickers for advertising, artistic promotional or educational purposes to choose from a huge variety of colors, graphics and lettering. Vinyl stickers are also extremely versatile and durable, remaining affixed to all types of flat surfaces for extended periods without losing any of their vivid hues. If you are intending to place stickers on public outdoor structures to advertise a new business or sales event, vinyl stickers are the best kind of stickers to use.

When you are ordering vinyl stickers, you may run across some words and industry terms related to vinyl sticker printing and stickers in general. Definitions of a few of these frequently used terms include:

Bleed–refers to a tiny bit of extra space needed for stickers that have colors printed up to the edge of the sticker.

Custom Die Cut–stickers are have unique shapes require custom die cutting which is performed by a special cutting tool that exactly follows your design outline. Although vinyl sticker printing choices do not affect a custom die cut, any stickers that are not rectangle, circle, oval or square in shape are considered die cut stickers.

Cut line–when the company from which you are ordering your vinyl stickers talks about the cut line, they are referring to dimensions comprising the final cut and print of the stickers. If your vinyl stickers have information that is important to the message you want to convey, you will need to make sure this information lies at least 1/8 of an inch away from the cut line to avoid distortion of words or logos.

Eco-solvent vinyl sticker printing ink–this ink does not contain volatile organic compounds and reduces the toxic impact on the environment that other inks tend to have. A recent trend in sticker creation is called “green sticker printing” which uses environmentally safe inks, glues and other materials

High-resolution vinyl sticker printing–graphics that are 300 dpi/ppi or more are considered high resolution or “print” resolution. The acronym “DPI” stands for “Dots Per Inch”, which is just one of several indicators regarding the quality of the image.

Line art–a two dimensional picture that is created using curved or straight lines against a plain, colorless background is referred to as line art.

Graphic file formats–most companies that print stickers accept the following file types: .jpg, .ai, .gif, .psd, .pdf, .png, .bmp, .psp and .pct.  In other words, you will need to upload any images to the sticker company using one of these file formats.

In addition, if you are not sure about the type of graphics or colors to use for your stickers, many vinyl sticker printing companies have graphic designers that can collaborate with you to create the logo, image or message you want printed on your stickers. You can also search databases of free, non-copyrighted images to come up with innovative ideas or simply use the image on your stickers as part of your design.