Do you need to get a political, philanthropic, business or other message out? Bumper stickers will come in handy. This is a cheap, easy and effective method to reach thousands of motorists every day. Stickers made of various materials are normally stuck on bumpers and other strategic surfaces of vehicles so that drivers and occupants of other vehicles can see and read them. The large number of vehicles on roads and highways provide a ready means of reaching people of all backgrounds within a short time. Making effective bumper stickers depends on the use of the right materials for the different types of stickers.


Materials Used For Making Bumper Stickers


Bumper stickers are made for both outdoor and indoor display as well as temporary or long-term application. These factors determine the type of material used to make the different stickers. Stickers meant for display on a glass surface for instance are made with clear material unlike those meant for display on metal or fiberglass surfaces. Following are the main materials for making bumper stickers:




PVC, which is short for polyvinylchloride, is a plastic material used to make bumper stickers, among other applications. PVC materials used to make bumper stickers may be clear or translucent depending on intended use. Stickers meant for car windows are made of clear PVC.




Decal paper is a tough material with one surface covered with a film of adhesive. The other surface is used to print or otherwise inscribe the design or print message by hand or printer. Waterproof decal paper bumper stickers are more durable than ordinary paper stickers.




Magnets have the ability to stick to commonly used metals such as steel and iron by way of magnetic attraction. Magnetic bumper stickers are stuck on steel and iron metallic parts of the car and may be reused countless times without losing their magnetism.


Vinyl bumper sticker materials


This is a range of materials used in bumper stickers among others. Vinyl sticker materials are used in making permanent and temporary display stickers for both indoor and outdoor display.


Self adhesive vinyl


This is a type of waterproof vinyl material used to make waterproof stickers for indoor or outdoor display.


Static cling sticker materials


Used widely in political campaigns for stickers displayed on the inside of car windows. When removed, static cling stickers leave behind no residue.


Self cling vinyl


Used to make self cling stickers for glass and other smooth surfaces without the need of an adhesive.


Clear poly ultra removable bumper sticker material


Materials used to make easily removable stickers. Printing can be done with a laser printer.


Bumper Sticker Printing Colors


The designs and text on bumper stickers are normally printed using the PMS (Pantone Matching System) color system. The sticker may be printed in full color or just one color.


Where to Buy Bumper Sticker Materials


Materials for making bumper stickers are available from specialized manufacturers and suppliers. Many of these specialized stores offer both the materials as well as custom made stickers online. Do you need materials to make bumper stickers? Or stickers designed, sent for your approval, printed, and shipped within hours or days? You can order all these online.


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