It is undoubtedly becoming increasingly difficult to create a marketing niche for companies days. Both online and off-line, the advertising space is becoming saturated with junk. Potential customers are becoming more and more cynical, immediately ruling out anything that does not catch their immediate attention or solve their immediate problem.

To counter this phenomenon, businesses have had to come up with increasingly ingenious ways to advertise themselves. Usually this means more blinking lights and more technology. However, this only works up to a point. After a while, consumers get tired of all the technology. It becomes overkill.

The backlash is that the consumer will then prefer advertising that speaks to him or her on a more personal level. Advertising with vinyl stickers is currently becoming much more popular because of this backlash. You can take advantage of technological overkill by simplifying your message and your medium.

The great thing about using vinyl stickers to market yourself is that it is one of the least expensive techniques available in the world of advertising today. It does not cost a great deal of money to have the stickers printed up for you or to print them yourself.

Stickers are also great to put on vehicles and send out among the people. Many businesses have made a point of putting stickers on cars and driving through rush-hour traffic daily to get people used to the message. This technique is extremely effective because people are forced to view your sticker in rush-hour traffic. They literally cannot move. However, they do not feel as if you are forcing your message in their face. To them, you’re just another driver who has decided to put a sticker on the back of his car.

Because most people drive the same routine every day, they will see the sticker on the car over and over again. They will become used to the message and the business will become ingrained in their memory.

This gives you the distinct advantage of exposing your business to a great deal of people without ‘hard-selling’ them. This is only one technique that stickers give you the opportunity to use. There are many others that play off of the same notion of “soft sell ubiquity.” Only stickers give you the opportunity to access your audience in this way.