Decals and stickers are used by many consumers to add a personal flair to their vehicles. Bumper stickers and decals run the gamut from political statements to business advertisements. They are a great way to express one’s personal sense of style. Custom window stickers and decals offer business leaders great advertising value too. Such stickers can be given away to loyal customers and used on company vehicles. The following tips and tricks can help anyone get the most out of custom-designed clings, window stickers and decals.

Be concise and witty. Whether advertising a business or a social cause, witty bumper stickers tend to attract attention and stick in people’s minds. Use slogans and sayings that are concise, as most individuals read window decals and other stickers while driving. If advertising for a business or organization, be sure to avoid language that the target audience might find offensive.

Show off a strong sense of design. A well-designed custom decal or bumper sticker can attract lots of attention. It’s important that such stickers and clings look clean and uniform. Poorly designed decals may not attract attention at all or may cause the viewer to react negatively. Many business leaders prefer to hire a professional firm to design and produce custom decals and stickers.

Location, location, location. When coming up with a slogan and thinking about designs for custom window stickers, it’s important to keep location in mind. Where on a vehicle will the sticker or decal be placed? What shape will lend itself to the intended use of the decal? Thinking through location before having custom decals made helps to ensure that a design will be successful and eye-catching.

Send a message. Remember that a bumper sticker or decal should do more than just give a business’s name or location. It should send a strong message to viewers about why they might use that business or support that organization. The message doesn’t need to be sophisticated. It can be communicated with graphics, words or colors. Keep messaging in mind when thinking through sticker and decal design.

Use graphics that are clear and can communicate. Complex graphics or photographs generally don’t translate well to window stickers and decals. Graphics should be relatively simple and free of complex lines and details. A business or organization’s logo is generally a good choice for a sticker or decal. Choose strong colors that will be visible from a distance.

When used appropriately, stickers and decals can be great promotional devices. The assistance of a professional design and printing firm is invaluable to business leaders and consumers interested in custom cling and decal design. Choosing a qualified printing company ensures great results and optimum advertising success.