Catchy window stickers and car decals can be an integral part of any business’s marketing campaign. Car advertising has long been used by businesses because it is an effective way to gain consumer attention and build brand awareness. Using such stickers is also generally cost-effective. In order to make the most of marketing campaigns with car stickers, business leaders should think carefully about car sticker design.

The following tips are designed to help business leaders as they set out to create innovative, eye-catching car stickers and window clings. Keep in mind that you should use catchy messages, but be careful of using words or graphics that others may find offensive. You can’t control who sees a car decal after it’s been placed on a vehicle, so it’s important to keep family friendliness in mind.

1. Use color wisely.  Bright colors can be very effective in attracting the attention of the public. Be sure to think carefully about the color schemes you will use for stickers to ensure the best results. The best car stickers and decals generally include two or three colors. If you are unsure of what colors to use, check with an online color scheme designer. Remember that it’s best to use dark colors for text and lighter colors for background filler.

2. Choose a slogan and stick to it.  If your business doesn’t already have a slogan, you should create one. A slogan will form an essential part of your marketing campaign. A great slogan features a catchy phrase or saying that will stick in the viewer’s mind. It’s a good idea to be sure that your slogan relates to the products or services that your business offers. Use your slogan on all promotional materials that you display in public areas

4. Let your sense of humor shine.  A quirky saying or funny slogan will attract a lot of consumer attention. Making viewers smile with your great sense of humor is a good way to get them to associate positive feelings with your business. Use a funny saying or joke as part of your window decal design. Remember to stay away from raunchy, offensive jokes.

5. Don’t over-do graphics. Graphics and photos are an essential part of your window sticker design. However, you should be sure not to use too many graphics. Make sure that your sticker is visually clean and legible. Using too many photos might confuse viewers. You should also be sure that the graphics you use don’t obstruct text.

Many business owners know that window clings, decals and bumper stickers are great marketing tools. When looking for cheap bumper stickers in Austin, it’s best to trust a professional printing firm. Experienced printers can create gorgeous, eye-catching clings and decals that will complement any marketing campaign.