Stickers are not just decorative adhesive displays; they can be extremely powerful marketing tools for various publicity campaigns. Stickers are a subtle and non-intrusive method of communicating with the masses which can produce phenomenal results. One advantage of stickers is that audiences perceive them as a product rather than a way of creating publicity or marketing. There are many types of stickers made of different materials.

Creative placement

Like in other methods of marketing, targeting is critical for the success of stickers as marketing tools. Understanding the targeted audience demographics helps tailor effective messages. It is also important to distribute or place stickers where they will communicate to your target audience with maximum effect. For this reason, having a placement plan for your sticker marketing campaigns is important.

Apart from including them in corporate portfolios and documents, stickers are stuck in areas with high visibility such as notice boards, vehicle bumpers and windows, on mirrors and other public areas. Incorporating creativity in the design and placement of marketing stickers also helps in getting the message across. Shoe outlets for instance strategically place stickers in the shape of footprints on the floor of major shopping malls leading customers to their shops. This is a creative way of building awareness and creating a call to action. Other creative ways of using stickers as marketing tools include bumper stickers which attract attention of motorists and passengers.

Political parties and politicians are some of the entities that have effectively used stickers for a long time. Stickers are produced in large quantities for distribution to supporters or agents. The stickers are displayed to show allegiance to the preferred candidate.

Effective use of stickers as marketing tools

While an effective sticker is a combination of creative wording, design and placement, you should define the goal of your sticker campaign at the earliest. This helps the rest of the process of designing, producing and placing the stickers. Stickers used as marketing tools are displayed on vehicle bumpers, shop windows, walls, floors, caps and other places. They may be used to market a political party, a politician, ideas, philosophies, products or services.


Types of Stickers

Similar to other products in the market, stickers come in various shapes, sizes, prints and materials. Following are some of the major types of stickers used in marketing:

Plastic stickers

Plastic is more flexible and durable than paper or latex. For this reason, plastic stickers are more common than any type. They are suited to both indoor and outdoor display.

Foil stickers

Foil stickers have a shiny appearance, making them very attractive to the eye. Foil stock is flexible and durable which makes it suitable for outdoor stickers.

Removable adhesive stickers

Adhesive type stickers stick to surfaces easily. Many stickers used in marketing are adhesive types which can be peeled off without messing the surface.

Permanent adhesive stickers

These adhesive stickers bond well with surfaces making it difficult to peel them off. They are used in marketing products and services which are enduring and require minimum change of messages.