Everyone needs an angle when they are trying to promote a business. With the increasing saturation of the online marketplace, people are having to look off-line again in order to create a niche for themselves and their businesses.

Fortunately, for those businesses that create their own destiny, the marketing landscape is still wide open. One technique that is gaining popularity is the printed sticker.

You would never think that something so simple would work in the technology driven world of today. However, it is precisely this technology that is driving people and businesses back to simpler times. People are tired of all of the flashing lights and quick images of online marketing. They want to see something that sticks and stays in their memories.

Custom window stickers are a great way to create a lasting impression with a potential customer. Because the stickers are often put on car windows, they have a chance to be viewed and analyzed by any potential customer who sees them. Often, combining custom printed stickers on a vehicle with a dedicated route that is sure to pass by many people can ensure visibility for the business.

Many business owners actually make it a point to drive their vehicles with custom printed stickers on them through rush-hour traffic. This way, potential customers cannot help but see the sticker. Also, because many people follow the same routine every day, they will see the sticker over and over.

Because it takes around 12 instances of an advertisement before it consciously registers with a customer, this rush hour window sticker technique is quite effective for emblazoning the brand and the name of a company into the minds of potential customers.

Another reason that custom stickers are gaining popularity is because they are one of the least expensive ways to advertise a business. They can easily be given away as free promotional items. If you have created a great amount of goodwill with a customer, they will put it on their vehicle and perhaps the people on their route will see your sticker every day.

Before the Internet, this was the way in which businesses went “viral.” However, custom stickers on vehicles and on other things have a way of being much more personal than a viral video online. You can see exactly who is patronizing the business and why. For these reasons, custom stickers will always be one of the best promotional tools that a business can use for itself.