Customized sticker printing represents an effective and affordable marketing tool capable of spreading awareness about your service and products without requiring a lot of your time and money. When you order customized stickers, you get to pick the images, lettering, colors, shape and size you desire by uploading an original creation, a free, uncopyrighted image or having one made to your specifications by the company from which you are ordering your stickers. In addition, most sticker orders are available in roll, sheet or individual form, along with shape options such as square, circular, triangular, rectangle, star-shaped or oval.

Because children love to receive stickers, teachers can benefit from ordering unique, sticker printing designs that encourage good academic and social behavior in the classroom. Rewarding children with stickers that have their favorite TV show, film or video game characters printed on them promotes the desire to do well on homework assignments and class projects. Moreover, stickers colorfully printed with encouraging words such as “Great Job” and “You’re the Best”  can help enhance self-esteem in students that are experiencing academic or behavioral problems.


While stickers given to children need minimal adhesive backing, promotional stickers will require stronger, more permanent-type glue so that they remain in place longer and provide maximum exposure for the business or service they are promoting. This is why promotional stickers should be ordered from a professional sticker company that possesses the equipment and expertise to provide top-quality sticker printing and a variety of options designed to successfully advertise your business.


Most sticker printing services support the following formats regarding the image you want to upload:


ñ  Compressed files, such as .zip, .sit and .rar

ñ  Bitmap images (.bmp)

ñ  Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

ñ  Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)

ñ  Portable Document Format (.pdf)

ñ  Word Document (.doc)

If you have an image that is not supported by one of these formats, contact the sticker company to find if they support your image’s format or have a way to save your image in one of their accepted formats.

A popular method businesses use to promote their products with stickers is called guerrilla marketing. An advertising strategy that is economical, unconventional and highly effective, guerrilla marketing involves energy, creativeness and time rather than spending large amounts of money on marketing and advertising. Techniques involving professional sticker printing can enhance the concept of guerrilla marketing by reaching as many people as possible with thought-provoking, emblematic images or phrases that generate a “buzz” among people seeing these stickers.


Examples of guerrilla marketing tactics involving sticker placement target public bulletin boards, public transportation areas where your stickers will definitely be viewed by potentially hundreds of thousands of people and taking advantage of the human “walking billboard” concept. Handing out stickers at festivals, fairs, shopping malls and other public, high-traffic events is a way to cheaply and quickly advertise your service without investing in complicated marketing schemes. Moreover, the versatility of sticker printing gives you the option to take your guerrilla marketing strategy in any direction you wish.