Die-cut vinyl decals are designed to tolerate outdoor conditions, resist fading from sunlight and last for a long time. In addition, a vinyl decal applied to a flat surface can look like it is painted on rather than simply “stuck” on that surface, adding to its decorative versatility. This is because the lettering and/or image was created through a process known as die-cutting, which avoids implementing a background and emphasizes only the graphic or lettering.

A manufacturing method used to produce a large amount of items with the same shape and design, die cutting is applicable to not only vinyl but also to metal, wood and plastics. Sharp blades make precision cuts during the die cutting process that gives vinyl decals an attractively vivid realism which many people prefer over paper-based stickers. Because die cutting is so meticulous, the ability to create perfect decals requires specific machines and the expertise of an experienced sticker/label/decal maker.

Self-sticking or pressure sensitive vinyl decals that are cut into numbers or letters are a popular way to affix registration numbers to vehicles, boats, ATVs and other motorized instruments requiring licensing and registration. Instead of having to search for registration papers when needing the number, you can already have the number securely displayed on the outside of your boat or motorcycle using extra small letter/number decals that fit in an area concealed from the view of others.

For restaurant owners who operate diners where the menu changes daily, ordering customized, replaceable vinyl decals to advertise the daily specials on a conspicuous menu board is a great way to attract attention to the board and potentially encourage customers to order different items. Additionally, these vinyl stickers can also be used to advertise store hours on the front of the business as well as specials and other promotional events. Decals made from durable vinyl adhere easily to the outside or inside of clean glass and resist removal by wind or rain.

Advertising is all about attracting customers to increase sales in the most economical and facilitated way possible. Using vinyl decals along with some tried and true advertising techniques can effectively jumpstart the grand opening of a new business or promote the success of an established business. Theories concerning the effective use of color in advertising have been established through psychological testing of consumer behavior. People who have encountered advertisements displaying certain individual colors or particular combinations of colors have been found to participate in similar consumer activity.

For example, advertisers frequently select dark, heavy colors in creating promotional graphics because these colors attract consumers who are impulsive, active, less discriminating buyers. More selective consumers prefer lighter, brighter colors that are often used in advertising seen in designer clothing stores, jewelry stores and boutiques. Depending on the type of product or service your company provides, choosing the right colors for your vinyl decals can further support your advertising strategy without needing to invest any additional resources.