Decals have a wide range of purposes. The diversity of uses includes political campaign bumper stickers and banners, to static clings and magnets depicting a company and their brand-specific graphics and logos for use on walls, floors and vehicles all in an effort to motivate the viewer to respond in some way. Sticker printing was once an expensive method to attract attention and to advertise one’s business. It has evolved from a cost-prohibitive form of marketing only available to large corporations with loads of cash, to a more affordable and more readily available opportunity for all businesses to gain brand recognition.

Digitally Printing
Technological advancements in digital printing have revolutionized the industry, making the accessibility of custom stickers personalized to meet the unique needs of a specific business more readily available. This opportunity for high quality, full color sticker printing has empowered the more budget conscious business owner to take advantage of and engage in a vast array of promotional activities that will bring awareness to their business. Showcasing a business’ features and how they can benefit potential customers with their product and services is no longer a tall order; custom stickers can be produced at your local printer or from online sources.

Always ON Advertising

Sticker printing is an excellent and long-lasting form of advertising available for a business to utilize in order to grab the public’s attention. It is an effective marketing strategy that lets the public to know about its product and services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Unlike a 30 second radio or television advertisement, which can be quite costly and not heard or seen by potential customers, stickers that are used outdoors on a fleet of company vehicles for example, are seen for a longer period of time and can have a greater impact on the behavior of a business’ targeted customer. This moving billboard is comprised of a durable weatherproof vinyl that is UV resistant. This preserves the vibrant, full colors of a business’ marketing message over many miles and under a variety of weather conditions. These car magnets can be made into custom shapes and sizes. They are easily to apply and remove.

No Existing Logo or Message, No Problem
If you are a business owner considering whether to order custom printing to get your message out and you do not have preexisting artwork for your business, you may want to utilize the expertise of a graphic designer. Many print shops have a graphic expert available who can help in the development of an aesthetically appealing design that will be most effective in capturing your unique business traits and best promote its goods and services. In most cases, the design will be an extension of your existing brand which is already present at your physical site and/or website and you will want to maintain this image for customers to better recognize you.