Remember when business cards and billboards were some of the only ways to advertise a personal business or even a political campaign nominee? Unless you physically handed a potential client your business card or made them aware of your venture’s website, people otherwise continued on with their lives oblivious to the potential connection you could’ve made. Now, we not only distinguish ourselves on either side of (or in between) the political spectrum, but we can also showcase our favorite band, Alma mater, or religious beliefs, to name a few, to the world in the form of on-the-go custom window stickers and car magnets.

What is a window sticker?

A window sticker is simply all-weather vinyl that has been digitally printed with an image and cut into a specific shape and size, and is generally stuck to a vehicle window or door. It can be almost anything you want it to be, but many people choose window stickers to advertise a personal business or preference for other drivers to see (and possibly take note of). Custom window stickers are a very popular choice for self-run businesses, often including the company logo and contact information, but they’re also well-loved for their creative capacity to showcase less serious things, including but not limited to personal opinions, well-known sayings, famous bands, various colleges and universities, sports teams, and the like.

What is a car magnet?

Car magnets are similar to window stickers; custom designed to your preferences and use, but with the message and/or image printed on a car-safe magnet that’s meant more specifically for the panel or door of a vehicle. You’ll often find car magnets on vehicles for more business-related purposes. Some companies will even pay people to place a car magnet on their vehicle to advertise the business as they drive! The magnets are water-proof and are UV-resistant, like window stickers. Custom window stickers and car magnet really are quite hardy and versatile! Plus, the custom design sticks to any smooth surface that’s glass, chrome or paint.

Is a window sticker or car magnet right for you?

Custom window stickers and other forms of mobile advertising are great for a business owner or employer who does not get to have much face-to-face contact with potential clients. Even if you just hop in your vehicle to go to the grocery store on the weekend, your, say, cosmetic sales business is continuously advertised to all sorts of people no matter where you go! You don’t have to personally hand someone a business card or leave business cards only in locations that you frequent around town, plus, if you’re out of town on vacation, you’re still promoting your business no matter where you are. Also, if you are in a position that requires switching vehicles frequently, the removable decals can be transferred very easily. Furthermore, custom window stickers and decals are an affordable alternative to permanent vehicle decals which would require painting over.