The primary difference between custom stickers and custom decals involves the material from which these two items are made. While stickers are usually made from paper material in varying thickness, decals are cut from vinyl, plastic and sometimes cloth if they are to be used as iron-on decals. The image, words and/or symbols printed on decals are generally printed on one side of the stock and are non-transparent. “Peel and stick” decals are made from flexible vinyl material and simply need the backing peeled away to expose the adhesive side prior to applying the decal. Alternately,  “water-dip” decals require water in order to loosen the decal from a water-soluble glue that provides the stickiness needed after applying the decal to a clean surface.

Decals are used to decorate and identify hundreds of items, such as automobiles, motorcycles, guitars, walls, backpacks, book bags and storefront windows, just to name a few. When you order custom decals, you receive decals printed with any image, word (s) or logo you wish as well as in any color combination you desire. In addition, decals can be made to accommodate any size or shape needed, from small and square to extra large and circular. However, be aware that the majority of vinyl decals cannot be used again once they are adhered to a certain surface, although reusable vinyl decals are available that are more expensive because they require lamination in order to be reused without stretching or tearing the decal.

A current trend in home decorating is using custom decals as a quick, fun and easy way to embellish walls without painting or wallpapering. Wall decals are made of strong vinyl that is mere millimeters thick and smooth onto walls via an adhesive backing. Blending seamlessly onto most wall types, home decorating decals are a great way to brighten a child’s room, personalize a bedroom or hide minor wall blemishes. Ideas for decals designed to decorate kitchens, school rooms, garages and any other areas needing a quick and economical renovation are colorful peace signs, Nickelodeon characters, butterflies, animals, astronomical objects and words such as “Faith”, “Love” or “Hope”.

When custom decals are intended to advertise a business, choosing the right font with which to print the name of the business is just as important as the image. A certain font can effectively add a certain flair to your decal and the way you want people to view your service or product. For example, a font type called Bellbottom has letters that are drawn in a way that reminds someone of the 60s and 70s—letters are fat at the top and bottom while slim in the middle. If you have a company that deals with memorabilia, retro clothing or musical items from this era, customizing your decals with Bellbottom font would attract the attention of people interested in that time period.

Other popular fonts frequently used on custom decals for advertising purposes include:

  • ñ  Bonzai—(for Asian products)
  •  Countryhouse—(for arts and crafts)
  • Park Avenue–(for jewelry or designer clothing)
  • Balloon—(easy to read and eye-catching)

Spend some time thinking about how you want your custom decals to look before ordering them, especially if you want to target a certain demographic that is especially interested in your products or services. Give this demographic a decal that attracts their attention as well as their interest.