Own a mobile business? How about a private company? Or maybe you just really like to express yourself in a way that everyone will see. Perhaps you’re supporting a political party, or maybe you’re really passionate about a particular cause. No matter your preference or reason, custom car stickers are an easy way to advertise or make yourself heard. Plus, who doesn’t want to decorate their old station wagon with some super modern graphic art? With the technology of today’s graphic design programs and the development of all-weather materials, the possibilities are endless and not to mention, fade-proof.

Decals, Bumper Stickers, Car Magnets- Oh My!

Gone are the days of the having just one option: the ever-beloved bumper sticker. No longer do you have to press adhesive paper to (quite literally) the bumper of your car in order to convey your thoughts to the world as your drive it. Now-a-days, car stickers and decals come in the form of custom-made graphics in weather-proof vinyl, a far-cry from their older counterparts, of which were more prone to fade and tear due the elements. Also, you don’t have to lose your favorite bumper sticker every time you get a new vehicle with these durable decals- they’ll travel with you no matter what (or where, for that matter) you’re driving.

What About Mobile Advertising?

With increased mobility comes great (corporate) responsibility. Another common practice associated with the use of car stickers and decals is promoting one’s (or someone else’s) business. Many college students seeking easy money will gladly offer the doors and windows of their trusty old car to promote businesses through a window sticker or removable car magnet promoting said business. What’s not to love about simply going about your day while making money? These days, it’s easy to spread the word without even speaking! Think about the number of people you see every day just because you happened to drive past them. Then, think about the number of people who, say, might be interested in the cosmetic company your promoting as you drive by, proudly displaying a company logo and phone number on your side door? Exactly.

What If I Want a Good Old-fashioned Bumper Sticker?

If you’re a lover of all things traditional, have no fear, the age-old bumper sticker is still available for purchase; now, it’s just a bit more durable with some better quality graphics. And, you don’t have to buy just the stickers you see at your local auto retailer! There’s nothing better than custom car stickers and decals that really speak to the true nature of the person driving around displaying them. Whether you’re a fierce supporter of a political party, a self-employed businessman or woman, or just trying to make some extra money, the extra flare that car stickers and decals, car magnets and static clings bring will make your daily commute to school or work that much more exciting. Besides, you never know who you’ll pass.