Static clings are window stickers that cling to windows of cars and homes.  (Note: never, ever put a static cling decal in any place on a car window that would obstruct your ability to see other vehicles.)  While promoting your event, product, or service is important, safety is the prime consideration when operating any car, truck or piece of equipment.  While you need to get your message across, you cannot compromise safety when doing so.

Let’s say your team has a big game with a long-time rival.  You want to boost the morale of your team and get people interested in the game.  Static clings are an excellent choice because they are easily removable, portable, and reusable.  You can put them on your windows, and when you drive around town, people will see them and get your message.

One of the best ways to get attention is to use unique shapes and designs, that reflect the product, service or event that you want to promote.  Many teams have shapes that symbolize their mascot or organization.  Footballs, baseballs, animals, cars, silhouettes, are all instantly recognizable symbols of your team or organization, and are easy to make, easy to use and easy to transfer from one window to the next.

If your storefront has a large window facing the street, and there aren’t many storefronts that don’t, you can order large decals that tell your customers of sale items, new products, business hours, or just the name of your firm. Static clings are available in opaque and transparent backgrounds, depending on what you want your customers to see.  If you want to get your message across but still want your customers to see in your store, you can use a transparent design that gets your message across without blocking out the window.  The advantage of using static clings is that they don’t leave any stick residue; you can remove the sign as you wish, clean your windows, and then put them right back where they were, or move them to another window.

Flexibility is an important consideration for any modern business.  Products change, improve, or discontinue, all of which are messages that you need to transmit to your customers.  Different seasons may have different demands, variations in your product, or even different customers.  The advantage static clings gives you is that you have a multitude of options available.  You can have different signs for different seasons, different customers that you’re trying to attract, different products, as well as different sales or promotions.  All of these can be easily stored away for the next time you want to use them.  You can even stick them to walls, as long as the surface is smooth enough.  You can move the older stickers to inside walls and put the new stickers in the storefront, all with none of the scraping or hassle you would have with painted surfaces.