Eye-catching car stickers and clings can be an integral part of a business or organization’s marketing campaign. Clings can be used to boost brand awareness and to communicate essential business data, such as contact information and hours of operation. A well-made car sticker, prepared by a professional printer of vinyl decals in Austin, is a great marketing investment.

In order to be effective, custom made window stickers must be well designed and memorable. Many businesses use such stickers as part of a marketing campaign, so it’s important that you set yourself apart. Use the following tips to get the most out of car stickers and clings.

1. Use bright, bold designs. Car clings and window stickers need to stand out during rush hour. Use colorful designs to catch your viewer’s attention. You may want to use a catchy slogan or saying as part of your marketing message too. Be sure that your business’s name and any contact information is written in a clear, legible font. It’s a good idea to stay away from cursive to convey a business’s address, as some individuals find such script difficult to read at a distance.

2. Make sure that your message is clear. In addition to featuring strong, bold design, your window stickers should feature a clear message. Individuals who see stickers on a vehicle should understand what type of products or services your business offers. You might communicate this information by using a tagline. You may wish to use photos of your products.

3. Use engaging graphics. The graphics used on window clings and stickers should be related to the products and services your business offers. You may wish to use your logo or pictures that clearly represent your business. For instance, a dog groomer might design window decals with a soaped-up dog. Graphics need to communicate your message to viewers who are unable to read the text of clings due to distance or vision problems.

4. Be consistent. Perhaps you plan on using clings and decals on several different vehicles. While you don’t have to use the same design for each vehicle, it’s important to be consistent. Use similar graphics and fonts. Using the same slogan or logo is a good idea. You may wish to have the same design printed in a different color scheme to allow for both variety and consistency.

Choosing a professional printer for vinyl stickers is essential to the success of window sticker and cling marketing campaigns. Professionally made stickers will stand out to viewers. They will help communicate your business message clearly while boosting brand awareness and attracting new customers.