Businesses needing a promotional item to give away during sales events or grand openings will find that custom-made static window clings provide an affordable and effective way to advertise their business. Business owners can order waterproof, sunlight-resistant vinyl window signs with any words, images or logos they desire digitally imprinted on the front of the cling. In addition, a transparent static window cling can be applied on the front or back of a window, which makes it flexible in regards to where it can be placed.

People love receiving window clings as promotional gifts because these vinyl decals are affixed and removed easily and leave no messy glue or stain on a window. In addition to their car windows, people can also place a window cling on the side of appliances, on garage or home windows and any other surface that is non-porous, dry and smooth. When static window clings  are uniquely colorful and eye-catching, people like to put them on their automobiles as  simple decorative items or when trying to make a statement about a belief or product.

Not only can window clings advertise a business’s service and/or products but they can also be customized for a variety of other uses such as:

  • Holiday decoration (great for Halloween and Christmas parties)
  • Party treats (the perfect memento for birthday, wedding anniversary guests)
  • Spreading a political campaign slogan and/or name of candidate
  • Reminders given by auto mechanics for oil changes and tune-ups
  • Awards for students earning academic or athletic achievements in school


Shapes and Sizes of Window Clings

Customized window vinyl adhesives can be ordered in any shape or size–from small and oval to large and rectangular. A window cling that contains only words will read better on square, oblong or rectangular-shaped “stickies” than circular ones. An image-only cling can be imprinted on any shape or size and remain easily perceived by people because it does not require reading.

A window cling can cover the entire front window of a building if desired, an advertising technique that allows sunlight to draw attention to the cling. Using window clings to decorate a glass storefront is more economical and attractive to customers than acrylic paint that looks sloppy and peels off after a few days.

How to Order Customized Window Clings

Prior to placing an order, you will need to determine how many vinyl window stickies you need to serve your purpose. Small or medium sized business wanting to promote a sale event should base the order amount on how many regular customers they have plus an additional one to two hundred for new customers curious about the sale products.

Have a digital copy of the image, logo and/or words saved on your computer so that you can upload the image when ordering. Enter the style and quantity of your window clings, fill in address information and provide any special instructions not included on the order sheet. Fast and simple to order, vinyl window decals represent one of the most affordable and efficient methods of advertising available.