Although bumper stickers are quite popular, some are opting to express themselves with  car stickers and decals.  These automobile adornments are made of a flexible vinyl and can be pressed on to any window.  The supreme advantage with these vinyl stickers is you can order as many or as few as your heart desires.

When you order bumper stickers; the vendor will general ask how many hundred would you like to have printed.  Even if you only wanted one you still had to pay for one hundred.  Vinyl car stickers and decals give you the luxury of ordering only the number you need.  This means you can order a sticker family; Dad, Mom, Sis, Bro and the dog with their names and if you only need two for the cars than order two.

Car stickers and decals can be used on the windows just about anywhere.  Put your kids name and sport on the back window of the car, put the name of your boat on its windshield and put your candidates face and slogan on all the windows of his or her campaign office.  Yes, car stickers and decals can be printed from a picture.

There are nearly 2 dozen matte colors to choose from in the vinyl stickers and most companies are now coming out with glitter or shiny colors that can be used.  If you have an idea but, not much artistic talent many sticker and decal companies have graphic art departments and the artists there can create something for you.

Most car stickers and decals are made to withstand excessive heat and extended exposure to sunlight.  You can expect a good sticker or decal to last anywhere from two to five years depending on the environment.  Cling stickers are produced to be reusable.  When you go to sell your car or truck you won’t have to wave good bye to your sticker.  Just peel if off and put in on the window of your new car.

Aside from personal use stickers and decals can be used for advertising purposes.  There is no advertising space to rent just create a sticker and stick it on your car.  Just about anything goes on stickers and decals.  Whether it is Save the Whales to put on your fleet of boats or Wash your Hands before Returning to Work, placed at each sink in your facility to remind your employees; stickers and decals get the job done.