Election years can be some of the most exciting times for a country and it’s citizens.  In democratic countries, the citizens have a surprisingly unique but often taken-for-granted freedom that people in other countries around the world do not have the luxury of performing; the option to vote for the candidates they would like to see in public office on the national, state, and local levels.   The value of a democratic society is measured by this simple freedom.  In theory, the right to vote is indeed the only way for a society to progress in the way that those citizens believe it should.  Like all forms of government that have come before it, democracies have their good and bad qualities, but overall is perhaps the best system of government ever devised thus far, and continues to function as such.

Some understand the extreme fortune of living in one of the few truly democratic societies in the world and take advantage of the rights it affords them.  Unfortunately today, more and more people forget exactly how lucky they are to live in a place that allows virtually endless rights, and overlook even the most basic rights like economic freedom, free speech, or the right to vote.  It is easy to understand this mentality; in a big society like America, it is often considered a waste to invest an individuals time and energy into things like activism or even voting because in the end, they feel like their voice cannot change anything.  If you yourself have ever fallen victim to this feeling, you should be happy to learn that this couldn’t be further from the truth.  There are countless ways to be involved and have your voice be heard, and some of the most effective campaign/activist strategies can be performed with virtually zero effort on your part.

Political bumper stickers have been in use in every campaign since there has existed bumpers to attach them to.  If there is one reason for this, it is because campaign stickers work.  It is indeed the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to get a candidate’s name known, which is the first step in getting an individual to vote for the person you are supporting.

Based on a study performed by the political science department at a university in Rotherham, England, a person is more likely to vote for a candidate whose name they recognize over a name they have never heard before, even if the name alone is the only bit of information they know about the candidate in question.  The researchers conducting the study went as far as posting mass amounts of campaign stickers representing a “phantom” candidate who was not actively seeking public office and who had no public information suggesting any policy or political stances.  Even though his name was not even on the ballot, the candidate was still was able to receive an astounding number of write-in votes solely based on the campaign stickers that had been seen by the public in their city.  This may not say much about the voters of Rotherham, but it does speak to how the use of campaign stickers can influence an individual’s mindset, even by just presenting the candidate’s name and nothing else.

Naturally, we don’t advise anyone to vote based on name recognition alone; you should always understand the policies and voting record of any public official you intend on voting for in an election!  The point is that campaign stickers do indeed work, and are virtually an effortless way to insure that your candidate, at the very least, has his name known by the voters.  And who knows, it may be the only thing some voters need to know about them.