A great bumper sticker can make a big impact on any political campaign. Bumper stickers provide a political candidate with an easy way to communicate with the public. Such stickers can make a big impression, especially when they are well designed.

The best campaign stickers in Austin combine great design with time-tested marketing tricks to capture the attention of the public. Use the following five tips when designing bumper stickers for your candidate. Keep in mind that you should always double-check the readability of your stickers from several feet away, as most people will view them while in moving vehicles.

1. Choose a slogan and stick to it. A great slogan is central to any political campaign. Make sure that the same slogan is used on all campaign materials. Voters should be able to recognize your candidate’s slogan right away. If you are going to use several different slogans or sayings, be sure that they are closely related. Too many different messages can confuse voters.

2. Immortalize your candidate with a great graphic. Iconic drawings and photos of political candidates have long been used in campaign materials. If you are unable to design a great graphic on your own, hire an artists or graphic designer to come up with a simple image to represent your candidate. Make sure that the image will look good in a variety of sizes.

3. Use humor tastefully.  Many catchy campaign stickers feature humorous or hard-hitting slogans. Remember that the audience for a bumper sticker is very wide. You can’t control who will see a bumper sticker once it is placed on a vehicle, so be sure to use non-offensive humor. Handle delicate campaign issues sensitively. You don’t want a bumper sticker to isolate potential voters.

4. Target the issues.  If possible, use bumper stickers to express your candidate’s stance on key issues. Reminding voters of where your candidate stands is very important. You can use your slogan or slogans to target the issues. Remember to do so tastefully, so that you don’t alienate your supporters and undecided voters.

5. Create both variety and consistency.  It’s a good idea to create more than one bumper sticker design to be used during a political campaign. However, be sure that you remain consistent. Use the same graphics, fonts and color scheme to create a sense of consistency. Choose slogans that sound similar or begin with the same word to create a pattern that voters can remember.

Designing good political stickers requires a combination of design skill and instinct. It’s always a good idea to work with a professional printing company when creating bumper stickers for your candidate. Printing professionals can help you nail down design details and will produce attractive, high-quality stickers for your campaign.