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Using Custom Vinyl Decals for Marketing Sun, 01 Jul 2012 15:26:16 +0000 Continue Reading]]> An effective way to get maximum exposure for your business without breaking your advertising budget is to market it using custom vinyl decals. They make impressive sales tools that can be applied to any surface. For this reason, you can’t beat the value associated with this marketing tool. Anything your imagination can conceive can be promoted on a decal.

Ideas for advertising with custom vinyl decals include restaurant openings, car and retail sales, school events and much more. These decals can be installed on windows, doors, signs, and even drinking glasses. Apply them on cars and your message instantly becomes mobile and accessible to hundreds of other potential buyers. Give your customers items that have your custom decal applied and make them feel special. Buyers will be proud to show off your thoughtful gift and your message will be prominently displayed to others who may have an interest in purchasing your product or service.

Take the opportunity to distribute your custom decal items at sponsored events and trade shows. Decals can be circulated before they are applied to any surfaces. This will give buyers an opportunity to personalize their own items. It also creates another avenue for marketing.

Design them to be memorable. Use the same dynamics that you would use in regular print advertising. Convey strong messages and headlines that grab buyers’ attention. Incorporate logos and slogans that are catchy. Don’t be afraid to use colors that will appeal to the senses. Remain consistent in the design and marketing processes and before long your product or service will have brand identity that is recognizable to the masses.

Entrepreneurs go into business to make a profit but that can only happen when enough customers patronize the company to sustain it. New and existing businesses are all competing to grab customers’ and prospects’ attention. Therefore it is crucial that your brand get its share of exposure.

Paid advertising could quickly deplete your profits but by investing in custom decals you invest minimally for a greater amount of exposure. This marketing concept should be particularly appealing to start-ups and small businesses. However, big businesses can also benefit by using vinyl decals. Corporations can use custom vinyl decals to supplement their other advertising efforts while small businesses might use them exclusively while they build their reputations and budgets.

Decals are a sound marketing investment. No matter where they end up, custom decals carry longevity that you don’t get from other advertising methods.


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Custom Car Graphics and Sticker Printing Sun, 21 Oct 2012 17:35:59 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Have you ever wondered what it would be like to decorate your vehicle with the latest and greatest in all-weather graphics? Ever thought about immortalizing your favorite movie quote in a banner that runs across your rear windshield? How about advertising a business with a logo of your own design?  With the technology available to us today, the bumper sticker printing business is now in competition with the world of weather-proof vinyl, static-cling, magnet and sticker printing. With the mobility of today’s society, advertising has gone from handing out business cards to that of mobile advertising via custom car graphics.

What’s Involved in Car Sticker Printing?

Graphics that are to appear on vehicles are designed for multiple reasons. People use them to advertise a business, share their political views, or maybe to endorse their favorite band or hobby, to name a few. Just as a building is laid out on a blue print prior to construction, graphics are laid out in digital format for the graphics printer to work from. If a design has a unique shape, a custom die is cut to lay over the graphic once printed, in order to ensure the desired border is kept. This part may sound like expensive preparation, but car graphics are essentially high-quality and durable cheap stickers. Printing them is where the bulk of the cost is, as the size and weight of the graphic determines how much of which color ink is used, which aids in determining the cost to produce and print the graphic.

What if I Don’t Have a Design?

Many car sticker printing businesses function as full graphic design agencies. It’s just like if you were going to get a tattoo; you may not know what you want to get, but you do know that you want some ink. Typically, the tattoo shop has a book of designs they are proficient in on hand, but they also have talented artists who are very good and conceptualizing a design that a customer has in mind but does not have on paper. Even if all you have is a rough idea and/or a general sketch of what you want, you’re still at the right place.

Why Choose Custom Car Graphics?

This trend in mobile decorating and advertising is not only convenient and does, not to mention, save lots of trees, but it is also much more cost effective than painting graphics directly onto your vehicle. In the good old days, if you wanted to advertise something on the side of your car, be it your husband’s landscaping business or for your company vehicle, you were limited to either painting directly onto the vehicle, or getting some sort of paper (or paper product) sticker that would be both hard to remove and would lose its color after a while. Today, custom sticker printing allows you to remove or change up your graphics regardless of the vehicle you happen to be driving on any given day.


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Are Custom Vinyl Decals The Right Choice For Your Business? Fri, 19 Oct 2012 14:31:59 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Do you need to advertise your company, organization, political/ social views, favorite band, etc?  Are you looking for a fun and creative way to express yourself while simply driving in your car?  We typically think of putting vinyl decals only on our cars but there are many places these decals can be placed.  Windows, walls, or other clean, smooth surfaces can be great options for die cut decals.

Another perk to vinyl decals is that they can be customized to your needs and specifications.  These custom die cut decals are excellent ways to personalize your items and make a statement.  Vinyl is a great material for these decals as well because it is thin, durable and will last a long time when adhered properly.

Custom vinyl decals can also be great for customizing gifts and other personalized items.  What better way to advertise your favorite band or organization than through everyday items with your custom design!

What to look for in a custom decal company:

When looking for a custom vinyl decals company to take care of your needs, one should carefully research available options.  For something as specific as a custom decal, care is needed to ensure proper delivery and quality of the final product.  You’ll want to look for things like positive customer service and the ability to talk to a live human being with questions and concerns.  Also vital to this process, is the company able to help with designing as well as manufacturing the decals?  This is so important because not all customers are able to design the decal they are looking for.  Does the company accept a variety of file types?  This may seem like a minor issue; however, this actually can indicate how advance their manufacturing is.  Is the company using high quality, weather resistant, and durable vinyl?  Decals made with cheap vinyl will not stand up to normal wear and tear.  Can the company except bulk orders, if you need them?  Lastly, look for a company that is known for its dependability and quality delivery.  You’ll want to be sure that the product you receive is exactly what you want and need.

What should I know about adhering these custom decals?

Vinyl decals are not difficult to place on your desired location when care is taken; however, it is important to ensure proper adhesion and long lasting enjoyment that the area be clean and smooth.  Decals won’t stick well to a dirty or porous material, so clean the entire surface and make sure it is dry and smooth.  Also, making sure that all edges, especially on more intricate designs, are smoothed down as much as possible will prevent dirt and grit from shortening the lifetime of your sticker.  The higher the quality of the sticker that longer it should last, so follow any instructions included with your sticker.  The more care taken when applying the decal, the more likely it will last.

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Custom Sticker Printing: An advertiser’s best friend? Wed, 17 Oct 2012 07:29:14 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Custom stickers add a personal touch:

How many times have you needed something simple, quick and easy to add a personal touch to a promotion?  Whether promoting a business or a band, a politician or a party, custom sticker printing can add that extra flare needed to make your promotion stand out.  The amazing thing about printing custom sticker(s) is that it fits your needs exactly.  If you’re looking for something to give out to clients or employees or just looking for swag to give out at an event, custom sticker printing can fit that need.  Looking for an eye-catching way to advertise your small business?  Vinyl decals for your vehicle(s) could be a perfect option.

Scared of the idea of sticker printing?  Custom magnets or static cling items are also available from many custom sticker printing companies.  These can provide a less permanent option as well as the ability to transfer to a new vehicle when necessary.  This is a great option for those who use a variety of vehicles or need something portable like refrigerator magnets or non-permanent products.

Durability and versatility:

Printing custom stickers through a quality vendor is a great way to advertise your business, organization, etc. long term.  The durability of vinyl stickers and products is dependent on two major things:  1) the quality of the vinyl used and 2) how well it was applied to the surface.  Companies that use lower quality vinyl for their products should be avoided, especially for outdoor items like bumper stickers or any items which could be exposed to water.  Seeking out a company which provides products made with weather resistant vinyl is advised for longer durability regardless of its intended use.

Custom sticker printing is a fast and easy way to catch the consumer’s eye and make a great impression.  It is also incredibly versatile as they can be place on virtually any smooth, clean surface.  Items can then be given out as prizes, promotional materials or even gifts.  Because custom sticker printing is so easily used for so many purposes, the possibilities for advertisers are virtually endless.  Getting your name in front of your consumer has never been simpler.

Affordable option for a variety of needs:

The affordability of custom sticker printing is another benefit to advertisers.  In an industry where costs can add up quickly in order to ensure a quality, well received and effective promotion, an affordable option is incredibly helpful.  Decals are fun and can be used for a variety of purposes making them a valuable resource to marketers and advertisers.  Prices will vary from company to company so finding a company known for quality products, service and dependability, a fast turnaround, and the ability to process bulk orders is essential.  Also important is looking for a company which is able to assist with designing products and has bulk pricing.  Companies that are used to processing large orders usually have this type of option.  This will help keep costs down as well.

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Car Stickers and Decals: Descendants of the Bumper Sticker Sun, 14 Oct 2012 17:21:54 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Own a mobile business? How about a private company? Or maybe you just really like to express yourself in a way that everyone will see. Perhaps you’re supporting a political party, or maybe you’re really passionate about a particular cause. No matter your preference or reason, custom car stickers are an easy way to advertise or make yourself heard. Plus, who doesn’t want to decorate their old station wagon with some super modern graphic art? With the technology of today’s graphic design programs and the development of all-weather materials, the possibilities are endless and not to mention, fade-proof.

Decals, Bumper Stickers, Car Magnets- Oh My!

Gone are the days of the having just one option: the ever-beloved bumper sticker. No longer do you have to press adhesive paper to (quite literally) the bumper of your car in order to convey your thoughts to the world as your drive it. Now-a-days, car stickers and decals come in the form of custom-made graphics in weather-proof vinyl, a far-cry from their older counterparts, of which were more prone to fade and tear due the elements. Also, you don’t have to lose your favorite bumper sticker every time you get a new vehicle with these durable decals- they’ll travel with you no matter what (or where, for that matter) you’re driving.

What About Mobile Advertising?

With increased mobility comes great (corporate) responsibility. Another common practice associated with the use of car stickers and decals is promoting one’s (or someone else’s) business. Many college students seeking easy money will gladly offer the doors and windows of their trusty old car to promote businesses through a window sticker or removable car magnet promoting said business. What’s not to love about simply going about your day while making money? These days, it’s easy to spread the word without even speaking! Think about the number of people you see every day just because you happened to drive past them. Then, think about the number of people who, say, might be interested in the cosmetic company your promoting as you drive by, proudly displaying a company logo and phone number on your side door? Exactly.

What If I Want a Good Old-fashioned Bumper Sticker?

If you’re a lover of all things traditional, have no fear, the age-old bumper sticker is still available for purchase; now, it’s just a bit more durable with some better quality graphics. And, you don’t have to buy just the stickers you see at your local auto retailer! There’s nothing better than custom car stickers and decals that really speak to the true nature of the person driving around displaying them. Whether you’re a fierce supporter of a political party, a self-employed businessman or woman, or just trying to make some extra money, the extra flare that car stickers and decals, car magnets and static clings bring will make your daily commute to school or work that much more exciting. Besides, you never know who you’ll pass.

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Vinyl Sticker Printing Fri, 12 Oct 2012 13:02:57 +0000 Continue Reading]]> The creative choices provided by vinyl sticker printing technology allows anyone wanting to purchase professionally made stickers for advertising, artistic promotional or educational purposes to choose from a huge variety of colors, graphics and lettering. Vinyl stickers are also extremely versatile and durable, remaining affixed to all types of flat surfaces for extended periods without losing any of their vivid hues. If you are intending to place stickers on public outdoor structures to advertise a new business or sales event, vinyl stickers are the best kind of stickers to use.

When you are ordering vinyl stickers, you may run across some words and industry terms related to vinyl sticker printing and stickers in general. Definitions of a few of these frequently used terms include:

Bleed--refers to a tiny bit of extra space needed for stickers that have colors printed up to the edge of the sticker.

Custom Die Cut--stickers are have unique shapes require custom die cutting which is performed by a special cutting tool that exactly follows your design outline. Although vinyl sticker printing choices do not affect a custom die cut, any stickers that are not rectangle, circle, oval or square in shape are considered die cut stickers.

Cut line--when the company from which you are ordering your vinyl stickers talks about the cut line, they are referring to dimensions comprising the final cut and print of the stickers. If your vinyl stickers have information that is important to the message you want to convey, you will need to make sure this information lies at least 1/8 of an inch away from the cut line to avoid distortion of words or logos.

Eco-solvent vinyl sticker printing ink--this ink does not contain volatile organic compounds and reduces the toxic impact on the environment that other inks tend to have. A recent trend in sticker creation is called "green sticker printing" which uses environmentally safe inks, glues and other materials

High-resolution vinyl sticker printing--graphics that are 300 dpi/ppi or more are considered high resolution or "print" resolution. The acronym "DPI" stands for "Dots Per Inch", which is just one of several indicators regarding the quality of the image.

Line art--a two dimensional picture that is created using curved or straight lines against a plain, colorless background is referred to as line art.

Graphic file formats--most companies that print stickers accept the following file types: .jpg, .ai, .gif, .psd, .pdf, .png, .bmp, .psp and .pct.  In other words, you will need to upload any images to the sticker company using one of these file formats.

In addition, if you are not sure about the type of graphics or colors to use for your stickers, many vinyl sticker printing companies have graphic designers that can collaborate with you to create the logo, image or message you want printed on your stickers. You can also search databases of free, non-copyrighted images to come up with innovative ideas or simply use the image on your stickers as part of your design.


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Sticker Printing For A Variety Of Different Needs Wed, 10 Oct 2012 19:59:45 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Customized sticker printing represents an effective and affordable marketing tool capable of spreading awareness about your service and products without requiring a lot of your time and money. When you order customized stickers, you get to pick the images, lettering, colors, shape and size you desire by uploading an original creation, a free, uncopyrighted image or having one made to your specifications by the company from which you are ordering your stickers. In addition, most sticker orders are available in roll, sheet or individual form, along with shape options such as square, circular, triangular, rectangle, star-shaped or oval.

Because children love to receive stickers, teachers can benefit from ordering unique, sticker printing designs that encourage good academic and social behavior in the classroom. Rewarding children with stickers that have their favorite TV show, film or video game characters printed on them promotes the desire to do well on homework assignments and class projects. Moreover, stickers colorfully printed with encouraging words such as “Great Job” and “You're the Best”  can help enhance self-esteem in students that are experiencing academic or behavioral problems.

While stickers given to children need minimal adhesive backing, promotional stickers will require stronger, more permanent-type glue so that they remain in place longer and provide maximum exposure for the business or service they are promoting. This is why promotional stickers should be ordered from a professional sticker company that possesses the equipment and expertise to provide top-quality sticker printing and a variety of options designed to successfully advertise your business.

Most sticker printing services support the following formats regarding the image you want to upload:

  •  Compressed files, such as .zip, .sit and .rar
  • Bitmap images (.bmp)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Word Document (.doc)

If you have an image that is not supported by one of these formats, contact the sticker company to find if they support your image's format or have a way to save your image in one of their accepted formats.

A popular method businesses use to promote their products with stickers is called guerrilla marketing. An advertising strategy that is economical, unconventional and highly effective, guerrilla marketing involves energy, creativeness and time rather than spending large amounts of money on marketing and advertising. Techniques involving professional sticker printing can enhance the concept of guerrilla marketing by reaching as many people as possible with thought-provoking, emblematic images or phrases that generate a “buzz” among people seeing these stickers.

Examples of guerrilla marketing tactics involving sticker placement target public bulletin boards, public transportation areas where your stickers will definitely be viewed by potentially hundreds of thousands of people and taking advantage of the human “walking billboard” concept. Handing out stickers at festivals, fairs, shopping malls and other public, high-traffic events is a way to cheaply and quickly advertise your service without investing in complicated marketing schemes. Moreover, the versatility of sticker printing gives you the option to take your guerrilla marketing strategy in any direction you wish.

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A New Way to Advertise: Custom Window Stickers and Car Magnets Mon, 08 Oct 2012 14:56:11 +0000 Continue Reading]]> Remember when business cards and billboards were some of the only ways to advertise a personal business or even a political campaign nominee? Unless you physically handed a potential client your business card or made them aware of your venture’s website, people otherwise continued on with their lives oblivious to the potential connection you could’ve made. Now, we not only distinguish ourselves on either side of (or in between) the political spectrum, but we can also showcase our favorite band, Alma mater, or religious beliefs, to name a few, to the world in the form of on-the-go custom window stickers and car magnets.

What is a window sticker?

A window sticker is simply all-weather vinyl that has been digitally printed with an image and cut into a specific shape and size, and is generally stuck to a vehicle window or door. It can be almost anything you want it to be, but many people choose window stickers to advertise a personal business or preference for other drivers to see (and possibly take note of). Custom window stickers are a very popular choice for self-run businesses, often including the company logo and contact information, but they’re also well-loved for their creative capacity to showcase less serious things, including but not limited to personal opinions, well-known sayings, famous bands, various colleges and universities, sports teams, and the like.

What is a car magnet?

Car magnets are similar to window stickers; custom designed to your preferences and use, but with the message and/or image printed on a car-safe magnet that’s meant more specifically for the panel or door of a vehicle. You’ll often find car magnets on vehicles for more business-related purposes. Some companies will even pay people to place a car magnet on their vehicle to advertise the business as they drive! The magnets are water-proof and are UV-resistant, like window stickers. Custom window stickers and car magnet really are quite hardy and versatile! Plus, the custom design sticks to any smooth surface that’s glass, chrome or paint.

Is a window sticker or car magnet right for you?

Custom window stickers and other forms of mobile advertising are great for a business owner or employer who does not get to have much face-to-face contact with potential clients. Even if you just hop in your vehicle to go to the grocery store on the weekend, your, say, cosmetic sales business is continuously advertised to all sorts of people no matter where you go! You don’t have to personally hand someone a business card or leave business cards only in locations that you frequent around town, plus, if you’re out of town on vacation, you’re still promoting your business no matter where you are. Also, if you are in a position that requires switching vehicles frequently, the removable decals can be transferred very easily. Furthermore, custom window stickers and decals are an affordable alternative to permanent vehicle decals which would require painting over.

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